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Every 2009 Civic presents it’s great new style, trying to please buyers from everywhere. Upgraded models feature new alloy wheel designs as well. Unlike a older Civics, the Hybrid was not offered. Honda purchasers who get behind the wheel of a Honda will not feel directly at home, like the new 2010 Honda hybrid, which offers a couple new features, including the glowing background of the digital speedometer, which varies through a range of colors for your personality from extreme green to the high luster of indigo blue. The Honda Insight’s great gauge layout and comfy driving location, and controls inside the vehicle make driving a blast.

The Honda Insight breaks from other hybrid options in a few different ways, however, unlike all of the hybrids, the Insight’s navigation system doesn’t have the usual hybrid graphics, nor does it have a backup system. Not having the greatest gas mileage in its class does not seem to affect Honda they seem to be more centered on making the car much more enjoyable to drive and economic. The new Honda Insight LX and EX both a 4 door, hatchback with 5 seats inside a very affordable compact car. If the Insight name sounds familiar, it is because Honda originally released a less tempting two door hybrid having the same name previously in the late 1990s. This present 2010 Honda is an all new version.

Comparisons to the Toyota Prius are almost inevitable, the 2010 Honda Insight fits almost perfectly into the Prius mold, being that the body has the same sporty fastback silhouette, surely dictated by aero drag considerations. Aerodynamic thoughts certainly play a large part in putting together the 2010 Insight; this is one of the most efficient shapes.The new Flock of Honda cars and SUVs offer the same great standards that have made Honda famous worldwide. Honda’s great array of cars, trucks, and minivans appeal to any new car buyer working with a budget in mind.