If you are not marketing eco-friendly promotional products to your existing customer base you should be.
Did you know that out of all the different advertising platforms available – T.V., radio, billboards, magazines and newspapers – the cost-per-impression of promotional products beats any other medium hands down?

It is probably safe to say that the competition in your niche values the utility of eco-friendly promo items, so much so, that a portion of their advertising budget is dedicated to them.

5 eco-friendly promo products that will boost sales immediately:

1.    Computer cases made from recycled plastic bottles.
2.    Bamboo USB drives loaded with popular green promotional items.
3.    Marketing collateral printed on eco-friendly seeded paper with soy-based ink.
4.    Eco-conscious apparel imprinted with water-based inks.
5.    Pens made from biodegradable corn plastic.

For instance, the cost-per-impression of a recycled tote bag is $0.002; a national magazine ad yields $0.033 (data supplied by The Nielsen Company, 2008).

Eco-friendly promotional products have staying power because recipients tend to keep them in highly visible places.

Eco-friendly marketing products show you believe in responsible forms of marketing and you care about your carbon footprint.

Corporate heads fully grasp the immediate correlation between branding and the perceived value its business projects into the marketplace. As a consequence, marketers intensely search for environmentally responsible means to get their brand in front of potential clients. If big name corporations recognize the value of green promotional products shouldn’t you?

The next time your weekly marketing meeting commences, make it a point to discuss the cost-per-impression data of eco-friendly promotional items versus the ROI of other traditional forms of advertising. When the sales figures roll in, you may just be thanked with a bonus.

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