Founded in 1967 in Australia, grew up in Europe, the maturation process in the United States as a letter to COOGI international brand. It inherited the wild Australian brand-specific characteristics of dynamic and bright colors. Weisfeld Group, in 2003 it was acquired, high-end products to increase it naturally into the design of the structure of Milan, then in New York has been quietly transformed into high-tech and luxurious appearance.
COOGI greatest asset is its inception in 1969 to 36 years.
It follows the four design elements: color, dynamic, style and texture.
As the chief architect of Barrie Blue said: “We have been and will always be brand Urban Style
Representatives of traditional and luxurious. ”  Coogi Jeans for men
Brought into other areas with great success, COOGI has been consistently the classical aesthetic integration
To fashion design. Whether T-shirt, jacket or jeans, you can knit a wave from the traditional and
COOGI logo recognize it.
COOGI for dynamic Urban consumers, is a classic, luxurious, dynamic and working fine
To brand.
Its star: Mad Linx (BET celebrity), Robert Ller, A Ribeiro, J Mulvihill,
S Sharpe (NFL star), Nate Morris (BOYZ II MAN members), Daddy Yankee,
Fat Joe.
In addition, nba4 second All-Star votes Wang, Skate Canada is also very keen to fly this human brand.

Coogi is a fashion label known for its colorful knitwear. Founded in 1969 as Cuggi in Toorak, Melbourne, Australia, the label was renamed in 1987 to sound more like an indigenous Australian name

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While most famous for its textured knitwear in the 1980s, the brand was popularized in the U.S. as urban hip-hop wear.3 In addition to clothing, the companys 1992 international trademark filing registered the brand for cosmetics and toiletries, leather, furniture, textiles, and toys. Nike Shoes