If you are leaving for an interview, it is always good to look best. Wearing sophisticated custom dress shirts or skirt dress can truly change your looks. First impression is always important in any social occasion. So dressing up properly is a must that we should follow. On one hand, men are entitled to wear dress shirts over a suit or simply the dress shirts alone. Being a man working in a corporate company needs to always have different tones of mens dress shirts. The woman on the second hand should also have to wear tailored-fitted skirt shirts or trousers. The image you showed from the start cannot be changed. Right after they have seen you, they already have an impression of what you really are. Even before you say a word and shake hands, the impression of you is already rooted in his mind. Your dress will tell everything as to what you are as a person, so always be at your best. That is the safest.


You need to dress properly and professionally to gratify your employer. What you need right now is to know what dress that is NOT appropriate when you go for interview.


Starting from the bottom, strictly not to wear slippers or flip-flops, sandals or open shoes and sneakers. Do not wear pants that are too tight and low-rise. Do not wear jeans or shorts, and see to it that the underwear is not visible from the outside. Do not also wear a blouse that is too lowered cut and tightly fit. Do not show-off your belly and cleavage. You do not want your boss or the employer to keep staring at your breasts, unless if you want to seduce him. What if you landed on a conservative employer? Do you think you can win the job?


So, again it is always better to dress appropriately so there will be no chance of losing everything, your image, character, and job.