Free TV is the future for online video sites. Youtube the mega popular but ‘under earning’ video sharing website, is still five years after being created looking for a reliable revenue example. And the unsophisticated fact is that user created content just does not make great viewing.
Although User generated video makes up most of video viewed the most revenue is made from live internet TV websites such as Hulu. The view is that by 2012, ad? led free TV shows and movies will neb for 10% more viewers than user generated videos.
Youtube although dominating the online video market has plant? that monetization of online video on a free distribution model has proven to be heavily. However free TV video makes more money.

Google, Youtubes owner knows this and is hosting much more premium TV content such as TV shows and movies.
Media companies and online TV and video sites know this is the case so flavor to see less user generated videos and more Free TV content on a PC near you soon.

Boxee the company who make open source media software for Apple Macs, Linux boxes, Apple set top boxes and even PC’s have included added Netflix capabilities giving users access to Netflix’s watch instantly library of over 12000 movies and TV shows.
This new social occasion uses the Netflix API and forms the foundation of a new alpha version of Boxee. A feature not seen on other Netflix services like Roku and Xbox, lets viewers shop at and add streaming titles directly from the TV set.

 Although adding Netflix is a good step, Boxee still isnt commercially viable. Big companies like Apple and Microsoft are trying to figure out how to join? your lifespan room to the Internet, with some success. Meanwhile, it’s going to be very hard to convince cable companies and consumer electronics makers that they need third-party software they don’t realise, like Boxee.And its still a niggling too technical for mainstream useage but then it is still in alpha mode.

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