The online market place today is a very competitive spot for web entrepreneurs. Google and several other search engines need to be able to trust your website, and that is where pr comes into play. The more google page rank your website has coming to it from trusted links, the more your site will be trusted by the search engines and your rank will quickly enhance. How can you find these high page rank backlinks for your website? Well I like to use a little tool called SEO SpyGlass, in my opinion it is the best search engine optimization software for finding the high page ranking backlinks that you’ll require so that you can rank well.

Just how does SEO SpyGlass work to look for high page ranking backlinks?

Well the program allows you to enter your competitors domains into it, and then shows you the backlinks of your competitors. Basically you are spying on your competitors link strategy so that you can use the links by yourself and out do them to take page one or even the first spot in Google or any search engine! That is not all it also gives you a wealth of information about each link.

What type of information did it provide you with about each backlink?

    * In case the link is Do Follow or No follow

    * Anchortext (very beneficial)

    * Page PR

    * Backlinks (less is ideal)

    * Link Value

    * Domain IP (so you don’t link in the same IP too much)

    * DMOZ Listing

    * Yahoo Directory Listing

    * Alexa Rank (lower is better)

    * Domain Age

For this reason I’m sure SEO SpyGlass is the best search engine optimization software out there!

What information should you concentrate on the most to gain high rankings in Google using this tool?

Well after I analyze my competitors links I only focus on the most important information to gain rank. The most important information would be to make certain that the link has high PR and that the hyperlink is Do-Follow. The next matter I look at is how many external links there are, less is better because page rank is divided between all outbound links, the less external links the more PR your page will get! You may also use some No-Follow links should they have a low Alexa ranking you can still get lots of traffic from the links that are on their website alone!