Many online retailers include a promo or coupon option within their shopping carts. These promotions give you, the customer, the chance to save an extra few bucks.  Plus, the retailers wish to change all visitors into come back customers, so by offering some extra surprise incentives they are able to create loyal customers. 
It’s important to note that, paper coupon usage in retail outlets is much higher than online usage.  Only 38% of Americans use coupons online when making a purchase over the internet. But this trend is ever-changing dramatically, as savvy “offline” shoppers begin to perform the same “coupon” style shopping over the internet. 
Online purchasing consumers get a chance to save money through online coupon codes, just like the paper coupons do inside the traditional stores.  Some online shoppers are not aware of how to find codes, so they study they are nonexistent out on deals.
The popularity of online coupons has even reached mainstream TV.  Recently, the Good Morning America show spotlighted many online coupon hubs that promote coupons and promo codes for all major online stores.  
Promo codes can be entered in a “coupon code” or “promo code” box on an online order form for most online retailers.
Coupon codes typically have special incentives attached. Reasons to buy include no charge shipping and half price on orders.
After the coupon code is entered the discount will be taken off the balance. It’s possible to find coupon codes on most of the websites that belong to stores. Usually placed on other sites, they act as advertisements that guide customers to the retailer’s site.
You can find the best coupon codes in the major search engines. It’s very easy too, because if you want to find a product from your favorite online store, all you have to do is type in “promo code” plus the name of the store. It will pop up with hundreds of results, although it will be up to you to find the best, most current one.
When you find a coupon of your choice, simply click on the link and shop at the website of the merchant as in pattern cases. The coupon code must be used  before checking out. Check the expiration date on the coupon code to make sure it’s not expired. Then make sure your savings are accounted for in your shopping cart before completing your order.
By hunting for the best coupon code, shopping online becomes a treasure hunt. You’ll be able to put your preferred products at bargain prices, and cut the cost further by utilizing coupon codes.
As mentioned above, approximately all major online retailers offer promo or coupon codes you can use for lowering the final purchase price of your order. It may take some researching to find the promo code that fits you best, but it is well worth it.