AffilioJetPack is Mark Ling’s newest release. It is a totally whole system for affiliate marketers who really want to earn money on the internet but do not have the time or funds to put together a business from the ground up. Affiliate marketing is far more involved than most think it is. This is what causes so many affiliates to not make money; they do not do the work that needs to be done. This is why Mark Ling put together AffilioJetPack: to help new affiliate marketers make they money that they dream of making. This program is meant to be an unpack it, set it up and make money system. But is it all that the hype has cracked it up to be? Make your own decision.

The first thing that struck us was the number of ready to go systems that Mark has prepared. There are ten profitable niches already picked out and affiliate systems have been set up for all of them. All of the prep work, like researching keywords, is already done. There are already a few monetization sources already set up as well. Your only job is choosing up to five of those niches to set up. You don’t want to begin with all ten. Try half of them first and then decide if you want to try more.

Do you have graphic design experience? If you aren’t, can you afford to hire one? Graphic design is incredibly expensive. Even “small” things like header graphics can be quite costly when bought from a professional designer. The product comes with headers and other graphics you can use so you won’t have to drop cash on a professional designer. This product contains plenty of professional level graphics. You just need to know how to make them work for you.

Thankfully, if you work with the system that has been put together for you, that will be simple to do.

People who buy AffilioJetPack don’t just get a business, they also get valuable marketing and traffic generation training. Usually these programs let you figure out everything all on your own. This program doesn’t just come with software, it comes with extra stuff like extra training so that you will be sure to find success. You are given access to blog posts, lessons and even the forums–in which you will learn how to make even bigger profits. This is no set it and forget it system. The creator wants to make sure you are always learning. There are many reasons to check out AffilioJetPack. Mark Ling is one of the most trusted names online; that alone is worth the product’s asking price. You know that if he puts his name on it, the product is worth it’s asking price. Typically, automated systems are thought to be myths: all hype and no substance. In this case, however, the opposite is true. This product has earned all of the hype it has received.

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