Most people have no idea what collar stays or collar stiffeners are and who would? It’s just a small piece of plastic or metal in the collar flip of dress shirts. But there is actually an idea behind this small piece of plastic or copper, in fact we will go ahead and say that it is quite ingenious. Primarily, the point of a collar stay is to keep the collar flip crisp and straight which it usually does. However, as with anything else there is a difference in the quality of collar stays. With custom dress shirts it is often to make these collar stays removeable or sewn in. Usually silver, metal, brass or hard plastic stays do an extra good job at keeping the flip straight.


Rarely do dress shirts come with other than plastic collar stays. In fact, if you get a dress shirt with the option of removable collar stays you can simply exchange the collar stay with another collar stay of your liking.


The reason why dress shirt producers make removable collar stays are so that the collar stays can be removed when they are washing the shirt. Washing a shirt without taking the collar stays out first can shorten the lifespan of the shirt.


You can even find magnetic collar stays nowadays which will keep your collar flips in exactly the position you are looking for. The magnetic points allow you to adjust it so that the collar is positioned for any occasion.


The really high end tailors or shirt makers offer silver or brass collar stays with their name on them. A very cool thing to have, but hey we are shirt fanatics so that’s pretty subjective.