So you want to sell your own home, or what is known as for sale by owner, but aren’t sure what stays and what goes? Other than your personal belongings, what else is technically allowed to go with you and what is considered part of the sale?  What about that stove you bought a year ago because you fell in love with it? Can you take it with you or do you have to leave it behind? ? Here is a brief description on which items commonly go and what is usually included in the price of the home.

As a for sale by owner, you need to know the two terms that will help you when it comes to knowing what is included and not included in the sale price. These terms are chattels and fixtures. Chattels are items such as a stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer and dryer. These items are usually not included with the home. A for sale by owner seller should know that these do not have to be left with the buyer, unless there is an agreement made that states different.

A fixture is a term that applies to anything that is attached to the property. This means glued, screwed, nailed or bolted down .  This can include shelves, counters and light fixtures. These are things that the seller does not usually take with them when they move. If you built a shelf in a room, chances are you used screws to install it. Technically, you cannot go in and remove them just because you put them there.

 Often chattels can be part of the negotiations.  . Sometimes when a seller wants to take things such as the stove or the washer and dryer, this may have a small impact on the price of the home. It is always wise to make sure that the buyer and seller are both aware of what is to stay and what can go. Many times a deal can be made that doesn’t keep the house from selling, but you as the seller need to make sure all of this is covered with the buyer in advance.