Travelling for a vacation, business, cruising, flying or driving, packing your clothes properly is one way to minimize the number of bags to carry. Find out below how in order to make use of the space in your travelling bag.


Place your trousers first from the bottom of the suitcase. Place the trousers across the folded lengthwise with the bottoms hanging from above. Place the rest of the clothes or items on top of the trousers until you reach the limit. After which, fold the bottoms of the trousers over the rest of the clothes.


Custom dress shirts buttons should be fastened securely. Lay the dress shirts flat on the surface with its face down. Fold the mens dress shirts into three parts vertically as the arms are folded at the back of shoulder seams. Fold the dress shirts horizontally into three parts, first is from the bottom and once from the top.


For the tees, roll it up. The tee shirts do not need to be neatly folded like your dress shirts. Fold the tees lengthwise and then crosswise, after which roll it up from the bottom to the top. Arrange the rolled shirts properly. The shirts can act as buffers for the fragile items in your suitcase. You may also do the same technique of rolling for your other clothes.


You may insert small items inside your shoes like the ties, socks and handkerchief. Fold the tie twice, horizontally. Roll it with a sheet of paper or plastic and securing it by a rubber band. Insert the ties inside the shoes that you have in the suitcase.


For the socks, roll it from top to toe. Insert the rolled socks inside the shoes too. You may also insert some stuff like your deodorant, and shave.


This technique helps minimize the number of luggage that you will be carrying and makes you feel comfortable and efficient all through your travel.