As children gear up across the nation in costume, eager to go out and fill up on sweet treats , the Red Cross reminds parents to keep safety in mind if your children will be out on their own. Planning a route ahead of time helps parents become aware of where their children will be . Though children won’t want to deviate from their costumes, it’s important to have some light colored clothing on at least some reflective tape on some part of their costume so cars can see them when it gets dark. Use face paint instead of masks so that their vision is not obstructed and most importantly emphasize that they cross only at corners to avoid oncoming cars. And when you think about cars and safety this Halloween, think about the fact that the Red Cross depends on auto donation from people across the nation to fund their vital programs. This year instead of giving out candy think about treating the Red Cross to an unwanted car you may have by donating a car to charity.

Though when you think about vehicles and the Red Cross a mobile blood donor vehicle may come to mind, you should know that auto donation has become another source of revenue for the Red Cross. The Red Cross, like many other organizations, has come to rely on people like you who donate a car to charity to help them continue doing the work that they do in their community. No doubt you’ve seen many ads and billboards asking for car donations but the Red Cross is one organization that you can be confident about when you donate a car to charity. Communites who are in desperate need of help, get the help they need from proceeds of a vehicle donation .

The Red Cross plays a unique and essential role in aiding people during natural and personal disaster. Whether the disaster be flood, fire or a storm, the Red Cross brings relief. When you donate a car to the Red Cross you help them continue to train volunteers that also teach people how to prevent tragedies, especially fires that ravage many urban communities during the winter months. As Halloween approaches, think of what a treat a vehicle donation would be .