High profile, celebrity-backed charities are all well and good ; I’m an advocate for any charity that can provide security and assistance to those who need it. However, it’s important for us to remember the quiet charities that simply get the job done without lights, glamour and attention, charities like the Red Cross . There are no whistles and bells with this show; whenever there is a major disaster you will always find in the background of the news footage Red Cross workers going about their duties in a professional, caring manner, impartial and without prejudice.

If you choose to donate a car to charity, especially through your local Chapter the money raised from the vehicle donation will go to help the humanitarian causes the Red Cross is committed to help. 91% of each dollar goes directly to these noble causes whether at home or abroad and if you prefer to allocate the money from your auto donation to a specific disaster area or fund they will make sure your donation reaches your preferred destination. You might have a car that you are thinking of getting rid of and if you were to donate your car to charity you would be helping to provide a healthy financial contribution, which in many cases, entitles you to a tax deduction . Make the donation, and feel good about helping someone in need .

Local Chapters, like Washington DC are part of the bigger picture making sure that the local community has plans and preparations in place for disasters, is able to provide disaster relief locally if it is required, continues to run classes for first aid and CPR training and holds workshops and educational programs to inform people about disease prevention and containment. It’s comforting to know that you can depend on such a wonderful organization to help you when you need it most and that they’re there without cameras, lights or photo ops . The American Red Cross is so often taken for granted but in order to continue its work domestically or internationally it has to appeal to your better nature and ask that you donate your car, time, services, goods, money and even your blood.