Seeking for a dependable New SUV Gainesville drivers have come to trust Santa Fe Ford Dealership in Gainesville. Also, we have long been known for Used Car Florida buyers will tell you that Santa Fe Ford can get you the vehicle you really want.

Looking for a New Ford Gainesville FL , car shopper Chris Carillo found his way to Santa Fe Ford from a Google search. What began as a simple Google search for Used Ford   is now a satisfied customer driving down the road.

This success story has become an everyday occurrence for Santa Fe Ford. Lots of prospective buyers are have been pouring into the showroom confident that they are about to make a smart purchasing decision. Business has been booming since Santa Fe Ford launched their new website. According to Forbes Magazine, the first quarter of 2010 saw the automotive sales improve by 24.3%; clearly motivated buyers are showing confidence in the industry. With the automotive industry showing signs of life Santa Fe Ford has capitalized on this trend by launching a new database-driven website.

With consumer confidence on the rise, many car sellers are seeking new ways to display their inventories in front of prospective buyers. Since deploying their new website by Jorn & Price Marketing Santa Fe Ford’s customers have enjoyed a great sense of ease with the car buying process. These buyers show up on the lot informed about the inventory and are ready to buy a car.

The automotive industry has been knocked especially hard the last few years. The economic downturn uncovered several dealerships that were unable to compete in a modest buying market. Many dealerships had to close due to sluggish sales, over extension of capital, or plain old bad management. The remaining dealerships are now flourishing that buyers are once again ready to commit to purchasing a vehicle. Just a few years ago many dealerships were facing extinction. As credit scores plummeted and quality buyers grew scarce, many dealerships faced painful choices about their spending. Without a stream of new buyers many dealerships had to cut back on advertising. The survivors of the downturn have found exciting new ways to maximize their advertising dollars using the internet to enhance their visibility

”After implementing the strategic formula for success that JPM provides Santa Fe Ford has become more visible than any other dealership in Jacksonville. Ranking first in search engine results for key terms allows the customer to have a pleasing experience when hunting for a vehicle. Our new website allows the consumer the ease of one click navigation along with full display of the inventory.”

Greg Waitcus, Santa Fe Ford

Businesses like Santa Fe Ford didn’t simply go away when the economic downturn hit; they rolled up their sleeves and found ways to survive in a tough industry. Their survival is an inspiration to anyone who has faced tough times these last few years. With the right blend of honesty, hard work, and expertise Santa Fe Ford has made it through the recession and is positioned for continued success in the months to come.