MICR Toner

Traditionally when you wrote a check you didn’t give a second regard as to how a check had evolved. But someplace in business concern you have to make a choice as to how you plan on producing a check.

Yesterday’s MICR Toner

When a business wrote a check say back in the 1930’s it was printed with any ordinary ink on a lithograph printing press. The paper was even the old color code so that when you copied it on a copier the copy would read “void”. The largest difference would be that back in the 30″ banks would hand enter check data manually and even the books were kept by hand on ledger. MICR Toner didn’t evolve until the computer age.

MICR Toner at present

With today’s computer age making a check is as easy as buying a check printing software package for $29 at the local office supply or computer store, have a laser printing machine with a MICR Toner cartridge and you will be printing your own checks in less than an hour.

What MICR Toner is beneficial for me?

OK now I have a computer. I even have an accounting program that prints the checks. Well now you can plan on completing this project when you get the most important part of this process! MICR Toner and a laser printer. What a pain in the butt. What is a MICR Toner? MICR is an acronym for magnetic ink character recognition. For all of us normal people that means dirt! Looks like dirt. It definetly doesn’t look like MICR Toner. But none the less save yourself alot of trouble pick up the worlds most used brand HP get on the internet and look up HP MICR Toner and get yourself a cartridge and move on. MICR Toner quality is a must, buy from an authority in HP MICR Toner