Managing stress

How many times over the last weeks have you experienced being stressed?

Most people find it’s a pretty common thing to get stressed sometimes. Whether it is at home, or it’s at work or even whether it’s socially, we all get stressed from time to time.

I of late ran a stress management workshop in London and found a common response. Most of the stress that is experience by a lot of people isn’t of necessity at work, but outside of work.

However, the results of stress outside of work still go into the workplace . Because it is a fact that you maynot isolate stress – if it’s in one area of your life, it’s going to touch you in other places also.

So if it’s at home you feel stress, that’s going to have an effect on your work and your business.

And it is the same the other way too – if it is in the workplace that you experience stress, you’ll likely feel effects at home too.

And it is also a fact that most people aren’t mindful of stress until it is too late. But all the time, it is having a negative impact on your work or your family life.

To get the best and get outstanding results at work or at home, we need to be witting of stress. When you’re conscious of stress, you can do   something about it. But when it’s lurking secretly in the background, it’s a silent assassin.

So how might you become aware that it’s there – that stress is building up?

Growing your self wittingness is very important – and it is not tricky to do. Having worked as a hypnotherapist in London for much years, it is relaxation skills that may truly help – which is why our hypnotherapy London practice has such brilliant results.

But it’s not just hypnosis that’s the way to get good results. Any sort of meditation of self reflection will help.

Once you’re witting of stress and it is effects, you could   wish to take action quickly.

So here are some steps to take action now!

1 Identify your stressor – what cause you stress. You will long for to take some time to think these

2 muse upon your big picture – what will you do about the stressors in your life? – it is fine to know what causes you stress, but clearly which is just the start. But it is truly about what you do then – and you might find that the most important thing is your outcome. Decide what you want – not what you don’t desire . Focus on the specifics. If it’s a relationship, then how do you   wish it to be specifically?

3 Take action – you can have an brilliant outcome, but unless you take action, it’s not going to be any use. You must take action – and it might be that now is the best time to start – because it is all too basic to think about doing a thing, but not doing anything about it!

The best time to act is now!

So follow these principles and go for it!

Hypnosis downloads can also be great in stress management.