Intuit TurboTax offers many services for taxpayers. Whether you’re looking for answers to questions you have or wanting guidance in preparing your taxes, TurboTax has it all.


The following are among the benefits that you will not find anywhere else:


  • Offers Tax Caster – calculators to help you estimate your tax liability
  • Gives special guidance for 1st time users
  • Covers over 350 deductions -handles all life changes including: marriage, becoming a parent, new job, buying/selling your house, etc
  • Simplifies deducting medical expenses
  • Shows you where you stand – displays refund on the screen and updates your refund amount throughout the process
  • Guarantees the biggest refund possible

Besides these unique features, TurboTax:


  • Is always easy to use
  • Guarantees accuracy – which reduces the risk of being audited
  • Never leaves you on your own – customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Make tax preparation easier for yourself by using Intuit TurboTax. You can save yourself time, money and stress. This service will walk you through step by step and guarantee the correct forms have been filed per your individual tax situation. You can access your return at any time online, and you can even transfer your personal information from this year’s tax return into next year’s, eliminating the need to type the information again.


TurboTax also offers the latest, up-to-date tax law changes. They will guarantee you have received all deductions and credits that you qualified for; there are not many services that will guarantee that without charging you an arm and a leg.


For more information and answers to all your tax-related questions, visit TurboTax Online today.

Calculating your withholdings for the year can be beneficial for many reasons, including being able to estimate the amount of tax you will owe. Based on the amount you will be assessed, you then can decide how much tax you would like to withhold from your earnings to cover your tax liability