These are challenging times to be looking for a job; particularly if you are unemployed or just entering the market. It has always been a challenge and it would be fair to say that getting into work is a full time job in itself.

However, with the internet an ever burgeoning marketplace, the opportunities available to find something are better than they have ever been.

It is likely that lots of readers of this article will have a presence online through social networking sites. As much as these are great tools for keeping in touch with friends and family, much the same can be said of staying in touch with jobs in the UK, and beyond.

It is likely that people in your group of friends are working at companies that you would like to be a part of. Let them know you’re available; positions you’re after and your skills. Companies often use their staff as a resource for filling temporary positions which can lead to permanent placements.

Even if you are unsure as to where your friends work, keep your status updated with what you are looking for, whether it’s jobs in London, jobs in Manchester, or wherever you want to locate yourself. Even if there is no one that can help you directly; they may spot an advertisement that has passed you by.

A blog too is definitely a great tool. And of course, as are local job boards, and business networking sites can really get straight to the point if you are set on particular employers or industries.

Finally of course, registering with online recruitment agencies should reap rewards, certainly if you allow your CV to be viewed by potential employers; after all, all companies have a thing for the proactive employee.