Whether it’s for corporate meeting, meeting with client or a job interview, business dress shirts, as we call them, is a dress code necessity.

The typical business shirt is subtle and uses light colors, the most popular being white and light blue. It is only the fewest of business shirts that are not subtle and that’s with good reason, bold and eye catching dress shirts distract your audience. For the fit of the shirt we always recommend custom dress shirts.

Must Have Solid Colored Business Shirts

There are two colors that are unavoidable by just about anyone; light blue and white dress shirts.

These two colors are a must have and usually that involves having quite a few of them. As mentioned above, not only do they match with all other clothing, they can be used for just about any setting. The white dress shirt is the most sold dress shirt in the world, you can’t go wrong with these.

Other common alternatives are pink, yellow, dark blue, and gray. Some of these are slightly more daring, but with the right shade of them they work very well. For the younger and more style focused man this is especially true.

Stripe and Checkered Patterns

Business shirts often come in subtle stripes as well. These are also often found in shades of blue and white. Not as popular asstriped shirts, the checkered shirt is also an office staple. However, it is found most often on the slightly more mature man.

Browse through some typical business shirts below. If you like them or want to make some changes to them just click on them and you will be able to get them or make modifications at ShirtsMyWay.com.

Common Styles and Designs

The banker shirt is most likely the most noticeable business dress shirt out there. It is blue with a white collar and cuffs and its origins are said to be from Wall Street. With a lot of different types of blue fabrics out there, there are a lot of variations to this type of business shirt.

The contrasting collar and cuff shirts, especially in white, in fact work very well with different colored dress shirt fabrics. Try fiddling with the collars and cuffs of your business shirt on the dress shirt model.

Small subtle nuances have also become more of a trend within business shirts lately. More specifically, people have been showing interest in making dress shirts with contrasting colors or fabrics on the inside of the collar and cuffs. Although very subtle, it can be seen when not wearing a tie and if the color blends well with the main fabric it can look great.