Some people who bet on horses choose their bets because they like the name of a particular horse, or because they simply have a good feeling about it.  But for many other people it comes down to using horse betting tips instead.  The question is where do you find them?


Finding and using a range of horse betting websites


There are numerous websites online today that deal in odds and forecasts in horse racing.  If you are new to the scene and you want to get some expert opinions on forthcoming races, the internet can get you all the information you want.


It should be noted that not all websites are legitimate or useful though.  For example some of them may be flagged by your computer as being potentially harmful.  Steer well clear of these, however tempting the information in the search results may be.  Stick with reputable sites and you won’t go far wrong.


Long standing sites are good to choose because they won’t have lasted as long as they have done if they constantly gave out poor horse betting tips.  They won’t always be successful of course but if they have a reasonable rate of offering solid tips you should take this as a good sign.


Opting for free tips sites


One thing you’ll notice before too long is that some websites are geared up to provide a paid service for horse betting tips.  This involves paying a regular fee – often monthly – to receive regular tips, sometimes on a daily basis.


Remember though that there are websites online that offer free tips as well, so you have to ask yourself whether it is smart to pay for a service that you can get free of charge.  Quite often these tips will still be delivered via email, so you can still access them quite easily.


Is there any such thing as a dead cert?


Not really!  And to be honest, genuine websites run by people who know the world of horse racing inside out will never tell you that a particular tip is going to bring you a guaranteed winner.  They can only tell you it looks like a good tip and it might prove to be one of their top horse betting tips for the day.


In truth you need to watch and visit a few websites on a regular basis to get a feel for how reliable they are with their tips.  Don’t act on any of them to begin with – make some notes, watch some races and see how accurate their forecasts are.  If a site is run by someone who has a good understanding of horse racing and how it works, it will soon become apparent.


Provided you are smart and realistic you should eventually find one or two sites you can rely on for promising horse betting tips.  You won’t assume they are all dead certs to win and you won’t bet more than you can afford to lose either.  This is the perfect balance to achieve once you’ve found a good source of tips for horse racing.




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