Alpha brain waves are the waves that are slower and occur when someone basically takes a break or becomes relaxed.  The alpha brain wave state usually occurs when someone steps outside from a busy desk at work, sits back after a large task has been completed, or flops on the sofa after getting their children to bed.  The benefits of alpha state are allowing our minds to relax, getting better sleep, and reducing nervousness and anxiety.  People that live a life full of stress and that suffer from insomnia do not experience alpha waves during their daily lives.    

     One way to encourage the alpha brain wave state is to be able to release negative energies and thoughts from our day.  Our mind needs to say good-bye to anxieties and worries at some point during our day and for most people the only time this can possibly occur is at night before going to sleep.  A great way to welcome alpha waves in our life is to enjoy The STARSCAPES® Experience.  This experience is actually a professionally painted bedroom ceiling that creates the awe and mystery of the starlit sky.  The stars are not visible during the day but when the lights go out as you get ready for bed; your bedroom turns into a peaceful extraordinary place to be.  This amazing concept will help people reap the benefits of alpha state.


     Many of us live in areas where the starlit sky is hardly visible to enjoy outside so moving it inside allows the benefits of alpha state in our homes no matter what the weather is or where we live. It is known that having alpha brain waves helps our bodies relax which can lower blood pressure and help us sleep better.  Focusing on the stars and constellations helps us clear our minds and let our anxieties disappear.  The Starscapes® Experience makes a bedroom melt away into a whole new environment.  It visually transforms the ceiling into a glass ceiling that helps our mind quickly ease into the alpha brain wave state. 

      Not only do alpha waves help us let go of our worries and help us fight insomnia, they also increase your immune system, enhance your creativity, improve your ability to learn, help your mental health and amplify your concentration.  Who doesn’t want to experience these benefits and having relaxing time in their life?  The benefits of alpha state can positively affect our careers, our family life and even life with our partner behind closed doors.  When the lights go off and The STARSCAPES® Experience enlightens our minds and bedroom, it can also look very romantic.  We all could use this perfectly peaceful way of falling asleep and experiencing the alpha brain wave state.