When most of us hear “learn how to make money online” we’ve learned to run the other way. There are so many scams out there it’s easier to give up than get involved in yet one. But don’t give up yet! Writing is a great way to make some money online, and you don’t need to be a degreed journalist with newspaper experience, nor do you need to be an experienced reporter. You just need to be able to put a few paragraphs together on a subject that people are interested in. Nowadays, writing has become the premier marketing tool – not just an entertainment medium. Using external links and article marketing can be a boon to any business, big or small.

There are many ways to write for the internet. An “article” can mean anything from a blog, home pages for websites, entire website content, sales letters, and even real stories and articles for online publishers.

Essentially there are two ways to get noticed online writing articles. You can get paid, or you can do it for free. Each has pros and cons.

Some will allow you to post your article for free but you get a byline, and you get to add your website link at the end. This is a great way to promote your business. They aren’t looking for lengthy sales pitches, however. You should write what is considered “expert” articles on what you do – your products or services. This is one form of article marketing.

Pretend you make gift baskets. You could write articles on how to make your own gift baskets and give readers ideas on how to decorate them and sell them. Of course, each article would have your bio talking about your company and it would have an external link to your website.

Other sites do pay you. You may be able to get a byline, and you may be able to add a link to your site, although others will not permit that. They all differ from each other.

You probably aren’t going to pay off your mortgage or take a European vacation with your earnings from writing. Many famous writers over the years have died penniless. However, writing for the internet isn’t about getting rich writing, per se. It’s all about advertising what you have to offer. Try some viral marketing with your emails, too. Put a link at the bottom just like Hotmail has done for years, and direct readers to your site or at least your phone.

Anyone can do this. Are you a stock broker? Hair stylist? Computer repair tech? There’s nothing like adding external links on your emails with either special promotions or a link to your website.