The only way to increase your conversion rate is to optimize your landing page for effective results. The usual track for people brand new to web marketing is to create a landing page they think will work, and then when it doesn’t work well – they’re often at a loss for what to do about it. So, really there is no voodoo involved with it, and you just have to learn what it means and the best way to approach the optimization process. We’ll get you started with three proven optimization tips for landing pages. There are new service launches happening all the time for example 5 Minute Membership Sites Bonus, and nearly them all will take advantage of Landing Pages.

Perhaps the most important thing is that your page must be easy to load. Get rid of large graphics that slow the loading process. Pages that take too much time to load are a big turn off for many potential customers. Too many graphics take the focus away from the main purpose of the landing page, which is conversions. Make a point of limiting the amount of code, photos, and other items that could lengthen load time. Instead, focus on the copy of the page to make it more compelling. When a headline is necessary use text rather than a graphic. Devote effort towards creating a landing page that is more agile whenever possible. A page that takes too long to load is a terrible reason to lose potential conversions.

One of the most important parts of your landing page is the headline, which you should never compromise on. Spend a good amount of time on your headline, make sure it contains a powerful benefit, and then test different headlines.

You must test and optimize your headline because it’s the only way you have a chance at good conversions. Always remember that testing is the key to optimization; test your headlines and check your conversion rate after several hundred impressions, or visitors. If you’re unfamiliar with optimization testing, and A/B split testing, then be sure to do some searching, researching, and learning. If you wish to use Landing Pages to its best effect make sure you promote new products such as 5 Minute Membership Sites Bonus.

Lastly, make time to test the different elements of your landing page constantly to determine which are more effective. The way you test your landing page and the changes you make based on your results will ultimately determine the success of your landing page. You must test your headline well and test it often for your landing page to be a success. Do this by rotating a few different headlines and testing which headline offers the best conversion rate. This is how you slowly increase your page’s conversion rate and boost your returns.

Landing page optimization is pretty straightforward, truthfully, but it requires effort to learn what you need to do. Since your landing page is one of the main elements of success when it comes to your conversion rate, you’ll have to have your focus on it.

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