It has been technically possible to download movies on the internet for about five years.   What makes the current environment much more attractive than those of past years is the ability to select from a number of specific movie files based on format, age, etc.  That is the subject of this article.

While there are a number of movie sites out there most of them that sell a subscription service are not very good alternatives – especially if you want both a mixed bag of movies, music and pay-per-view  specials.  You will typically get access to only their owned library of several hundred obscure and non-rated movies and music from unknown artists.   They typically sell site access for a year.   Their monthly memberships can be quite expensive – especially given a limited library. 

Nonetheless, there are a couple winners in this category of online movie sites.   We believe the hands-down winner is a service called VUZE (   We make this recommendation as a current user as well as because of how it stacks up against the competition.  Vuze is a co-op network that allows downloading from a library of thousands of first-run movies, music and shows.   Moreover, their annual service – with unlimited downloads – is only $40.

You can then burn these movie files to DVD using any standard DVD or CD/DVDR drive.  You can pick up a good DVD/R for about $65 at Best Buy.   The downloads – most people do overnight – take several hours with the subsequent DVD burn taking about 30 minutes.  You can then play them anywhere you can connect a DVD Player.  You will lose slow-motion and subtitles but it is worth it.   The ability to download thousands of movies for a year more than makes up for these compromises.

You should delete downloaded movies after the burn because they are huge.   The reason for this is that they cannot be downloaded as zipped files – i.e. they are uncondensed files that are typically over 1G in size.  It does not take long – especially when you are downloading several movies a day – to fill up even the largest hard drive.

Make sure after deleting video or movie files that you run your windows registry software.  You can purchase and download a top registry software package that also performs any other registry fix functions needed to complete the Registry Repair.