The Red Cross teaches preparedness and prevention in communities throughout the country . When people are not prepared for the worst, disaster may strike whether it’s a storm, fire or flood. When disaster strikes and people in dire circumstances need food and shelter, they can count on the Red Cross to be on the scene. Whether natural disaster or the devastation of a home fire, people are often displaced and need immediate temporary shelter. Clothing, blankets, food and personal items are often destroyed leaving people with nothing to call home . When you donate a car to the Red Cross your auto donation enables the Red Cross to provide the food and shelter displaced people need. The Red Cross counts on the people who can donate a car to keep meeting the needs of displaced people. Vehicle donation is a reliable source of funds even during tough economic times. For every car donation that the Red Cross receives another person will be fed and sheltered as they struggle to recover from disaster.

Whether due to storms or fire, the Red Cross sees an increase in the number of displaced people in need of shelter and food during the winter. Fire is a common cause of homelessness during winter and people in houses and apartment buildings often find themselves without shelter during the coldest conditions. When you donate a car your auto donation helps the Red Cross aid displaced people by providing food, snacks and temporary shelter until they can find somewhere to go. Without your car donation these people would be homeless and the Red Cross limited to how many people they can respond to . Especially during these tough ecomic times, when most people don’t have money to spare to donate, car donation means that anyone with an unwanted car can help someone else in need. This winter you can help feed and shelter displaced people who have fallen victim to disaster with your auto donation.