Advertisement is an super powerful tool, consisting of a $300 billion dollar industry in he United States alone. What is advertising? Ideally, effective advertising sells a product or service that meets all expectations and promises made about it. However, effective advertising also means being able to sell lower-ranking products or services, by making it more appealing. So what makes advertising effective after all?

When marketing a product or service, your message has to be, first of all, creative. For the advertising to be effective, the message must be delivered in a fresh, new way in order to appeal to the public. It must have a strong impact, and it is very important that the message is clear. Also, it must be designed to capture attention instantly: its headline, copy or graphic element must be able to stop the readers and get their attention.

The message has to be enlightening and convincing at the same time: it enlightens the audience about your product, while also providing reasons why they should buy it. Another two related features, extremely important for any marketing campaign, the message has to be distinctive and memorable. By being distinctive, its uniqueness will make it immediately recognizable and associated with your product. And for this to work, your message has to be memorable.

Just think of all the well-established brands that we use every day: Pepsi, McDonald ‘s, Burger King, Budweiser, Ford, Tide and so on. What made them so popular, besides creativeness and all of the above mentioned features, is the fact that they always live up to the promises made in their advertising. This way, such products became branded and immediately recognized by millions of people.

In order to realize a successful advertising for your product or service, follow some primary advertising principles:

  • don’t make promises you can’t keep; although your ad may draw more people to your product at first, if you don ‘t live up to your promises you can ‘t retain these people as loyal customers in the long run;
  • build your advertising around the best features of your product or service; identify what makes your product better, what sets it apart from the competition and center on those features;
  • make it memorable, if people remember your business and product, hey will think of you whenever they ‘re in the market for such a thing.

And remember, if your message is clear, creative and informative, and your product or service can truly benefit people, then you’re on the right track. Make bold promises, and you may convince more people to try it, but never promise more than you can live up to.

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