By now you’ve probably read article upon article that sings the praises of Aweber. If you spend any time in a marketing forum, there’s little doubt you have seen people recommend them. It seems they’re always listed at the top in any review of their type of service. The IM marketing crowd always have a keen eye for anything that will let them make more profits while saving time and unnecessary expense. Aweber has always been a top-ranking marketing tool, even though it has been around forever, it seems. We’d like to review the feature-rich service Aweber provides.

One of the basic principles of email marketing is to create multiple email lists. Marketing to more than just one list gives you the ability to build a stronger business and have more than one source of income. If you market to more than one niche, of course you’ll build a list for each one. You will probably want to avoid using a program, such as MS Outlook, for your email list marketing management. There are a lot of ways to make mistakes when you try to manage your lists by yourself. Your chances of success with Aweber’s feature rich service will be greatly increased over anything else you can use.

One important issue for marketers with their emails concerns the layout and design for optimum results. The thing is that many people do not like to receive HTML formatted emails. But still, you can select html templates if you want to use them. These templates help you create good looking e-mails that set you apart from spammers and regular mailers. But no worries, you can always just use the text format because some of your readers will not want to receive the HTML format.

Not that many customers will buy something from one e-mail describing your product you’ll sell much more if you send them several e-mails. Sending out a pre-arranged group of e-mails is called an autoresponder series. An autoresponder is an easy way for you to introduce yourself to the people who sign up for your list. When you send out a series of e-mails, you can much more effectively sell your product; you can describe it in a few different ways and give people several chances to order it. Aweber has tools to help you create an auto-responder series.

It also has tools to help you flawlessly execute that series. The better your auto-responder series the more likely you will be to see profits coming in from your e-mail sales. But this is not a comprehensive list of all they have to offer. To date, Aweber offers the most comprehensive list of useful features for online marketers. But you don’t really need to have a list to use Aweber in your marketing.

Maybe you want to see which email offers do well, or you want to take advantage of your blog content – Aweber will help you get it done. So as far as all the hype is concerned, we feel they live up to it very well.

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