Most Internet users have seen a web site that is making great use of flash media.   They may have even used an application, watched a neat introduction or played a flash game.  Web sites are increasingly using flash to make their websites better, and will continue to do so in the future.   This article was written to tell the average web surfer what flash is all about and how it can be beneficial.

Adobe’s flash program can be used to make fantastic advertisements, browser games, animated illustrations, and many other useful tools.   You’ll often find that banks will use adobe flash to make mortgage calculators and other useful banking applications for their web site visitors.

The use of flash games have become extremely popular on social media sites such as face book.  These games are highly addictive and luckily free to all of their users.  Fortunately these games can all be operated right through the users browsers and do not take up nearly as many resources as they once did.  Most users will agree that the use of flash has made th Internet a much livilier place to hang out.

A multitude of websites make use of flash in their site’s introductions.   A flash site with a flash intro will have the introduction play as soon as the visitor accesses the websites domain.   These types of introductions tend to be very attractive and provide the user with much appreciated entertainment.   Visitors that do not want to be bothered with watching the site’s intro can always close the introduction and enter the site like normal.

Advertisements have been shown to have greatly increased click through rates with flash.  These ads even let the users initiate entering the advertisement by playing a quick game.  For example, an ad might come up that says pin the tale on the donkey for a chance to get a free Nintendo.   The person would then click into the advertisement to play the game and would then be taken to the company’s website upon completion of the game.

Sometimes users may feel like they were tricked into visiting a company’s website, but in the end these ads create more sales.   Also the non business person should realize that getting to play an amusing game for free instead of the usual “buy this product now” advertisement will enjoy the advertisement much more than usual.

Thank you for reading this article on flash sites.  If you found the article enjoyable then please add it to your book marks.