Top Topics of Today and Yesterday is living testimony that there certainly is nothing new under the sun. Let’s grab a quick glance into the life and times of several initial oil activists who sacrilegiously lobby hangdog oil rig guys.

The World of the Now

One superior day, along about the month of April in 2010 an oil rig exploded within the Gulf of Mexico. Beyond the little group of survivors, the family members of theirs, and the 11 who went down together with the rig, and a handful of those with British Petroleum, not many folks thought a great deal with reference to it, together with the President of the United States of America. In the weeks since, Obama has confirmed in every way that he’s no hell fighter, and John Wayne was nowhere to be found.

The World of the Then

Historical substance from the monstrously defunct Los Angeles Herald. Cunningly rewritten, keeping the fundamental essence. October 29, 1905 Staff Writer


Strongly Worded Request Prepared by Cross Property Holders Will Be Presented to the Council MondayAlleging that a number of oil rigs are running with no any certification whatever, and that some of the buildings usedas oil refineries had been erected devoid of the sanction. The building superintendent, residents and property owners of a piece of the Second ward will request the council Monday to remove these rigs from the district and rescind the licenses of every one that are in use under a permit.

The petition is written in language that is as powerful as it could well be without shocking members in the council, and the names that are applied to the rigs border as closely on the irreverent as could be used into a municipal manuscript. However the residents from the area afflicted by means of what they call these of distasteful, inflammable, dangerous, atrocious, unclean nuisances, trust they own heaps of reason for their strong language.

The district that presents the request is confined by Douglas and Colton streets and Bellevue and Beaudry

Cites Two Specific Cases…

The formally request states that more than seventy-five per cent of the oil wells and oil pumping plants in this district have been abandoned, also those which in spite of everything are being worked are profitless and cites 2 occasions in that violations of ordinances are alleged…
These are:
“An oil heating and treating plant for which, to the best of our knowledge and perception, no certification has ever been granted, in it’s nature nasty in odor and flammable, dangerous, horrible, dirty and belonging, if anyplace within the limits of our city, just to the oil refining district; surely not next the housing of the residents within the district referred to.

“A corral for the carrying on of oil carrying and jobbing business, which, we believe, violates every city rule regulating contractors, barns, corrals, keeping of animals, hay, dung, the operating of oil refineries into sewers, etc.”

This part of the Second ward believes that it has a hopeful future having the status of a residence district if these annoyances can be abated.

Here at Top Topics of of Today and Yesterday we’re as a rule contented to fetch you the immense intelligence a propos the wonders of of the oil business. Persons from 1905 were becoming mighty displeased about their very own area oil debacle, and they were saying so by means of on the verge of foul language like dadnabbit, and goldarnit! The question remains to be asked. If the oil disaster is within your back yard, isn’t that an oil catastrophe of urgent and key magnitude?

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