If you really want your search engine optimisation endeavours to go really well then there are a few secrets of SEO that you should know. Most of those writing web pages only do the bare minimum when it comes to SEO and this means that they don’t get the best results. Following the secrets below will ensure that you are always one step in front of your competition.

– It is a good idea to ensure that the keyword you are targeting is within the first twenty five words and the last twenty five words of your blog or article. This will have a positive impression on the web crawlers that search the internet.

– When it comes to SEO the best thing to do is to focus on targeting a keyword phrase instead of just a single keyword. Most subjects that are covered will have a lot of competition when ti comes to a single keyword. By using keyword phrases instead you will have a much better chance to impress the search engines. If your website sells bags you will have a better chance of ranking for the keyword phrase ‘clutch bags’ rather than if you were to just focus on the keyword ‘bags’.

– You need your keyword/keyword phrase to appear in your title and in your article description. And you should try if possible to have your keyword phrase appearing in at least one subtitle too.

– It would be worth your while to try to get links back to your page by using social media such as Digg, Facebook, Stumble Upon and Twitter. This really is important if you want your SEO efforts to be a success. Another good thing to do is to get other websites to link back to your site and then to have a link to any forums that you are a member of in your profile. You should try to get others to link their site to yours but you will have to offer them something in exchange. You will probably have to offer a different free service instead of reciprocal links as these are just not so effective.


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