Job searching; not much fun is it? You spend hours trying to find something that you’re vaguely interested in and almost qualified for, only to find that you have to go through a long, arduous process of applying and the job website you’re on doesn’t make it clear enough for you to search based on your job requirements. So what’s the solution? Well, the first thing you can do is visit the Guardian job vacancies site, because there are more jobs on there that are suited to your skills.

If you have never been on the Guardian job vacancies site, it is easy to question why it is so great, but the first thing you should do is log on and see first hand what it has to offer you. One unique feature is the CV match option, where you let the employers find you instead. You will often find features like this on many job sites, but the in-depth detail that the Guardian site provides is second to none. For the job seeker that likes things at the touch of a button where they can see them, the Guardian site is the place to be.

In addition to the usability of the Guardian job vacancies site, don’t forget that there are also the top employers listed on there, so you can find a job with a well-known brand powerhouse, all thanks to the Guardian. Naturally, if you’re still using some of the less well-known job sites, chances are that you’re not getting access to the top jobs from the top recruiters. Job hunting doesn’t have to be uneventful when you use the Guardian job vacancies site.

Those that live down South will also find the Guardian job vacancies site particularly useful. Admittedly, many of the jobs featured on the Guardian site are in London, but if you want a good career then this may be where you should consider moving to. Who knows, this time next year you could be living in London and have a great new career, all thanks to Guardian job vacancies.