Can you imagine just having ONE chance in life to accomplish anything? What will you do what you’re doing today differently?

Take a few moments to read this story about a little bird and imagine your life if you were this little bird.

Once an eagle that made its nest at the top of a tall bridge. The bird laid 3 eggs that all hatched to healthy chirping baby birds. As time went by, one of the hatchlings was ready to make its first flight.

It stood out at the edge of its nest, flapped its wings and took a leap of faith… to learn how to fly.

Unfortunately for that poor hatchling, it never had its glorious flight into the sunset. Maybe the wind was too strong on that day. Who knew the reason why it did not fly successfully.

It couldn’t stop itself from spiraling downwards towards the fast approaching concrete road far below its nest. The little bird fell to the ground and was run over by a car.

Thus, ends a life so full of promise…

Do you see how closely the story of the little bird resembles real life?

That little bird had only ONE chance to learn how to fly. Make or break, do or die. Can you imagine if you were given only one chance in life? That would be scary.

On the other hand, we are luckier as life always throws many opportunities our way. Even though, we failed to achieve success, in general, our consequence is not death or anything as critical as that . At the same time, it always amazes me how many people take those opportunities for granted thinking that there will always be a next time.

Give it a thought, what if there is no next time and there is no room for self improvement?

What if, you wouldn’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow?

What if this chance, here, right now is all you’ve got?

Maybe its time we start to look at life through the eyes of that little bird and seize each opportunity that comes our way like it was our last one. It could be a business opportunity, the dream job of a lifetime, starting a new family or just simply to make a difference to somebody else’s day.

Imagine how much of our infinite potential we can develop if we give our all to do the things that we get to do?

Put it this way — If you know that you’re NOT ALLOWED to fail in your next goal or seizing the opportunity given, do you think that your result will be different?

Give it a deep thought because this might change your mindset forever.

Don’t take life for granted .

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