As opposed to having a carry a thick wad of cash in their wallet every time they go out, it is a well known fact that customers prefer to make purchases using their credit cards and checkbooks. Credit cards are just so much more convenient to use, so it makes sense that when starting a business, you should also have that capability to process credit card transactions as well. However when it comes to Credit Card Processing merchants there is a major drawback. They bait you with teaser rates, and then hook you in with a long-term contract that you would have done better without.

Although they can offer what are called “Qualified Rates” that process credit card transactions at comparatively lower rates, the truth is that only 20% of those transactions actually qualify. This means that 80% of the time you will be contending with non-qualified transactions that cost more to process. Have you ever wondered why American Express and Discover cards are refused by a lot of retailers? It’s because for processing transactions these two credit card merchants typically charge companies higher fees which is why they are regularly declined. Finding a solution for Small Business Credit Card Processing can be especially challenging since they do not take in as many customers, and consequently are charged more by credit card processing merchants to process their low-volume sales. In addition, the cost for on-site equipment can become expensive, anywhere from $300 to upwards of $700 each, especially if you have multiple cashier’s stations set up to accept customer’s payments. This discourages many small businesses from even starting up due to the high costs involved.

Businesses on the road, such as those that regularly set up booths as trade shows and fairs will have an especially complicated time finding wireless credit card processing solutions. A far more cost-effective strategy would be to actually have a Paypal-based solution instead. You can get access to just that at while eliminating the discomfort some customers have at typing in credit card information on a PC or laptop. Not only will you get all the same benefits of being able to transact business with your customer’s credit cards, you also get the same flat rates that Paypal is able to offer across all credit cards. With a Paypal-based solution, anywhere you can take your laptop with you and have wireless access to the internet is a place where you can process credit card transactions. This eliminates having to deal with expensive equipment that you would either have to buy or lease from anyone else.