A true explosion of online jobs characterizes business activities coordinated on the world wide web. From the lists of profitable online jobs, we should mention graphic designers, independent advertisers, SEO experts, marketing consultants, IT specialists and web designers. With the right qualifications, online jobs can get you around $100,000 yearly. Moreover because of the continuous expansion of the electronic market, such specialists are never short of projects. We can further expect that even more people will start working on the Internet or for the Internet.

Besides these work categories, there are some more online jobs that prove pretty practical although they are not the key to much hoped-for wealth. Copywriters, editors, freelancers, journalists, transcribers, virtual assistants, network managers and proofreaders can make a decent living without becoming millionaires on the Internet. The payment is smaller for these activities, but still convenient. The freelancer that relies on a home business will be interested in getting as much work as possible in order to cope with the expenses of living.

Web freelance resources can be carefully analyzed before making any decision for what online job to try. Charging a certain commission per project, some web sites intermediate work contracts between freelancers and web developers from all over the world. The Internet has thus opened the international market and people from different corners of the world can work together without ever meeting face to face. If you are a native English speaker or have a decent knowledge of this language, there is plenty of work on the international web market. There are even companies more interested to get freelancers in online jobs than to hire permanent staff members.

Pay attention that depending on the geographical region, the payment for the same online jobs is different. Although in the context of an identical competence level, an American freelancer will charge more than an Indian one. The difference in quotes comes from the various living standards, current expenses and the regular wages specific to the country. Western countries are more expensive and the costs of services are higher, while emerging economies and third world states are a lot cheaper for a business seeking to contract freelancers. Therefore, online jobs do remain influenced by the the geographical position, the wage structure and the living standards, no matter how the Internet levels the work conditions.