The heath care industry is in a growth and transition phase wherein more and more people are either going into long term care facilities and hospitals are no longer keeping people as long as they once did. Therefore, there is a huge need for not only more nurses, but certified nursing assistants as well.

CNA Training is now state mandated. No one can function as a nursing assistant without their certification. Classes are available at local colleges and trade schools. Sometimes they are offered by long term care facilities and other facilities that are willing to train new employees to take the state mandated tests.

The training includes many different things. First of all, the nursing assistant will learn how to take vital signs. This includes blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and respiration. They also learn how to help a patient rate their level of pain. Another thing that nursing assistants are trained how to do is how to lift people properly. Some people are considered a one person assist, a two person assist or a Hoyer lift. This is based on how well the person can ambulate. Knowing the proper way to lift a patient will be safe for the patient and help the nursing assistant perform her job without getting injured themselves.

Sometimes, training includes the collection of blood or blood glucose monitoring. Regardless of how involved the training is, CNA Training Classes end with a proctored exam that must be passed and a practical exam wherein the new nursing assistant has to perform a selected task correctly.

The best way to get your CNA Training is to get hired by a facility that provides the training. This way you get paid to attend training, and then have a job waiting for you once you pass your test. Throughout your training and time at the facility, prior to working as a nursing assistant, you will be oriented to the facility and feel more comfortable when you actually start performing your nursing assistant duties.

A CNA Certification training program actually only takes a few weeks in most cases. Therefore, if you are wanting to become a nursing assistant, this is a quick way to start a brand new and fulfilling career.