Advertising on Facebook isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Below are some simple tips will talk about how you can obtain the most out of your Facebook advertising campaign the simple way.

You should but a lot of effort into watching your Facebook campaigns very carefully. When they first begin marketing on Facebook, people start to realize that performance goes down over time. Why does this occur? It is mostly due to the fact that the price that you pay to contact your targeted users on Facebook goes up over time. Basically, this means that the people who click on the ad at first will click on most of the ads. So, once you are ready to move on from the first group, it will cost more money to reach the others. This is why you should be monitoring your ad’s click through rate on a regular basis. Determine the click through rate of your ad. When you recognize that your ad is going down, either exchange your ad or attempt to target another group. But the matter of fact is that each ad has a particular lifespan, after which it is not that productive. So in order to get the most from this lifespan and get the most from your ads and decrease your budget, this step has to be done. Also, you can differentiate your traffic by age too. The best strategy for getting this done is to make up age groups with gaps of 5 years. But, don’t limit yourself to groups with 5 year age gaps. This one feature has plenty of potential for testing. You could then test the types of reactions that were getting from each age group and then direct your ads based upon that. As time passes by, you’ll realize that these responses become a little predictable, making your job easier. This is when you would be able to advertise to people of different age groups with products that are made just for them.

Test the performance of your ads at differing times. There are many times when you will notice that ads act better at certain times of the day. Although Facebook does not have any features to pick the time of the day when your ads can be displayed, you have the option to turn them off to see which times are providing you the best results. The downside of this is that it requires you to monitor the campaign closely. You will have to test various times of the day until Facebook gets this type of feature.

All in all, from the above Facebook advertising tips we come to understand that it’s really not that difficult to get response from your Facebook ads if you’re doing it the right way.

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