Virtual fine gold jewelry design is a helpful way to design the physical look of a piece of jewelry without having the physical materials on hand. Take for example Swarovski crystal beads, most jewelry creators can only dream of working with these exquisite beads.

But with the Swarovski virtual bed fine gold jewelry design application they can live that dream and put together their own fantasy jewelry. This tool is hosted by the ‘create your style with Swarosvski’ web site. The website also has tons of information on Swarosvski jewelry products as well as information about the company itself.

You just need to make sure that you have Adobe Flash installed in order to use the Create Your Style virtual fine gold jewelry design application. The create your style design tool is simple to use and much more user-friendly than other similar applications on the web. Just go to the website and browse in the design tool section. Just follow the link below the brief instructions to get you started.

And don’t worry if you make a mistake or don’t like one of your design decisions, the application has an undo button so it won’t break your creative flow. You can choose from the selections of beads on the left side of the panel and just customize it with the shape size and color that you like. You can place the beads in a line or circle or whichever way you want it to give room for the design you like.

Or you can choose from a pre-made template  that includes hundreds of Swarvoski bead designs rather than starting completely from scratch. One of the best features of the tool is that once you’ve completed your design to perfection you can print a list of the materials or save your design to be viewed at a later time.

But of course this tool also has flaws on its own. Simplicity can be helpful, but also a little frustrating in its limitation. It does not have the ability to string the beads together with anything such as wire so they float in space. This set up is fine if you’re making simple designs, but once you start trying to design something more complex the application proves to be a bit unwieldy. Also, the application only allows you to use crystal beads as spacers, anything else can’t be used. There is also a bit of variety lacking for the types of crystals and sizes offered with only two pendants, four shapes, and one single type of pearl.

Never allow those few disadvantages to stop you from enjoying the virtual fine gold jewelry design tool. This tool is not only fun to use it could also help exercise your creativity. The application costs very little to use and is simple to use, it’s great for creating fantasy Swarvoski jewelry and just letting your creativity soar.