In the market for a reliable Used Car Gainesville shoppers have come to trust Santa Fe Ford dealers in Gainesville. Is it smart to purchase a used car from a predominantly new car dealer? This is a question that countless Americans face every year. Unlike years past, now franchised car dealers are posting record used car sales. This the trend is not letting up..

Shopping for used cars is tough because of deceptive vehicle history records, shadowy financing arrangements and occasional flat-out lying. Making matters worse, the internet wasn’t around to provide third-party resources for assisting with the purchase decision

In the 21st century, the situation has evolved. Legislatures made moves that tightened oversight on the compliance of auto loans with lending laws and vehicle condition reports has weeded out a lot of the habitual offenders. Also, the recent economic downturn drove out used car dealers who were undercapitalized.

Meanwhile, major new car dealers radically changes their approach to selling used cars. Many saw the value in refurbishing their trade-in inventory to near-new conditions; these vehicles could promote the reputation of the major dealership while providing a steady income stream.

Surprisingly the comfort of purchasing a vehicle from a major dealership is a real benefit. The entire experience has a more professional feel to it, from the cleanliness of the lot to the comfortable customer area to the competence of the sales staff. The sales environment tends to be low-pressure because (quite frankly) the salesmen would rather be courting a new car purchaser with good credit and lots of money than a budget-minded used car shopper.

The best part of buying from a franchised dealer is the after-sales treatment. Should a vehicle problem arise, why trust a basic mechanic who isn’t specifically trained to work on your vehicle? Access to the dealership’s factory-certified service and parts department is a value on its own.. If their are major defects with the vehicle, there is at least some form of recourse in the fact that franchised car dealerships are major operations that have a presence in the community; their reputation alone is worth keeping customers satisfied.

Compared to the average undercapitalized small time car lot, the decision to purchase from an established car dealership should be an easy one. To get your vehicle search underway please visit online: