The main cause that you developed an opt in email list is to forward people to your list that are prospects, and you require solid prospects. Solid prospects are people who are most likely to buy your products in the future. Once you use a double opt in list, you are almost guaranteed to get a high quality number of subscribers on your list . Included within your list will be people looking for information that you have made available .

Using a double opt in list, you may end up having a smaller list of say, only 4000 people , but they will be more than likely very keen for the data you have to offer . Then in-turn these subscribers are most likely to react to advertisements posted on your ezine, providing in greater residual income for your time .

What would you prefer, having five hundred thousand worldwide prospects, or having four thousand high quality prospects who are interested in buying your products? You want to spend more time focusing on prospects (eighty percent of your time) that are truly interested in what you are offering . With the remaining twenty percent you can spend some time on leads that at some point in the future may purchase somthing from you .

Keeping down the number of complaints of spam your host receives is one of the biggest advantages of a double opt-in list. Major ISP’s may ban your domain name if you are charged with Spam accusations too often. It makes a lot of sense to always set up a double opt in list when ever possible. This can be easily accomplished when you use one of the more respected email marketing companies available for posting newsletters and ezines.

An email marketing software auto responder company like GetResponse  is a great company ( used by World Internet Summit Speakers) that will show you how to set up an automatic double opt in email. It’s very easy, just click a button that will turn a single opt-in list to a double opt-in list. Know previous technical skill is required to set-up an email ezine, it’s quite basic .