No matter how well designed and how colorful, your company logo alone cannot provide enough ground for your products to gain a firm footing in your targeted market on any trade show. You have to theme your custom display in such a way as to make your booth attract people and give them a glimpse of what they stand to gain by patronizing your products. For this you will need to consult with the real experts. It is all about the words you choose to display on your backdrop or in front of your display booth. This sort of thing is all about the right color combinations and the most revealing designs that say nice things about the kind commodities and/or services you offer.


Being an astute businessman, you will probably follow your instincts as soon as you can. Naturally you find the best people to consult with in the very firms that have been supplying the best display equipment to traders. When you do meet up with these gurus, they will know the best way to discover what you really want to set as the custom display of your booth. It is important for you to examine all the options you have by taking a look at their existing catalog of products. You need to start on this journey of self discovery at some definite point. For this purpose a piece of furniture or several pieces of furniture will give you that important push for realizing your ideal custom display.



They will be suggesting two ways for you to proceed. You yourself can combine different elements from different display sets. With your choices in mind, they will then proceed to make counter-recommendations which you should listen to with all your ears and all your mind. By the process of comparison and elimination you can expect to finally arrive at something that fits your sensibility exactly.



On the other hand, you could submit a drawing to them which depicts your rough approximation of what you want your booth to look like. This is just to get them started. Provide them with something to sink their teeth into and get into the right mood to edit and modify your drawing until it looks perfect. Reference points are invaluable for making sure everyone understands what everybody else is saying about the same display booth.



The importance of custom display for trade shows comes from the fact that people are not attracted to booths that look like any other booth in any other store in the city. Besides, even if people don’t buy immediately from you the first time they visit your booth, you will need to make an impression on them that is lasting enough for them to remember you. In this way, if they decide after a day or two to purchase they will recall that you sell the product they are interested in. Because your booth made such an impression on them, you can expect a visit from them.


All because you did not attend to your custom display.


Justin Shannon is a writer for Pop And Exhibits which offers Custom Display, Trade Show Booth, and Custom Displays.