It’s a given that traffic is the breath of life for every online business, and as you know targeted traffic can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Link Builder Pro is an SEO software that allows you to automate most of your promotion to help you drive tons of visitors from various sources such as Web 2.0 properties, social bookmarking sites; RSS feed readers, forums, etc. What sets Link builder Pro apart from other types of SEO software? Well… you can use it to generate traffic, improve your SEO efforts and rankings, plus use it to help build your Pagerank. Building backlinks that are relevant to your site is another task that will be done for you, all automatically. Let’s take a closer look at Link builder Pro, and you’ll understand more about its automation features for power SEO functionality.

Link Builder Pro helps you create linkwheels with automation.

If you want to get the most out of your automatic linkwheels you will have to be intelligent when building them. Link Builder Pro uses all of the appropriate information to create web 2.0 accounts and submits articles to them. You will easily become among the highest ranked sites causing concern for your competition when you surpass they rankings.

Take full advantage of automatic RSS feed submission of your linkwheels. Your RSS feeds will be transmitted to the directories with maximum exposure. Your search engine rankings will explode with this service.

You won’t lose out on social bookmarks with this software because it will create these for you automatically. Link Builder Pro has access to more than 30 quality social bookmarks sites you can submit to. Submitting your link to so many social bookmarking sites will get you direct traffic and search engine traffic.

Automatically Builds Form Profile Links – This is a very beneficial function when it comes to boosting your page rank because the software literally puts together accounts on high PR forums, verifies your emails and submits your links to them, which are in included I the software itself. What’s more, you can add your own high page rank forums to the software, making it simpler for you to keep ahead of the game.

Proxy Support – Link Builder Pro pays extra attention to proxies because they are a necessity when building various profile links on high PR forums. The software will bolster it, even if your proxy is concealed. Using this feature alone you can build hundreds of high quality links, without actually worrying about getting your IP banned with the search engines. Other than that, search engines revel in that kind of natural link building.

Altogether, Link Builder Pro is a must-have for any individual who desires to have their site ranked high among the search engine, while also driving quality traffic from an array of sources. Even though there are other SEO automation software tools in the market, Link Builder Pro stands out in more than one way. So if you’re looking for one SEO solution, then Link Builder Pro is our recommendation.

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