With the advent of Yahoo gismos embedded in live internet TV sets and the interactivity that will allow the viewing audience, its no surprise that Cable companies are following suit. Soon you will be able to browse Ebay or your Facebook page. Find related tvs on Youtube to the show your watching and other interactive things good manners of Verizon.
The cable company is planning to allow developers to program maskings for its cable TV boxes, like Apple has done with the iPhone.
The applications or ‘Widgets’ will run on the TV concealment as you watch a show and allow you to do things related to what your watching. Or if the show is really boring just Twitter.

 Joseph Ambeault, spokesman for Verizon said:- “We’re already talk to a surf of major Internet companies about how they can get their programs on this platform. We’ve yet to hear anything but ‘Yes’ from them.”

Verizon have already tested apps using Facebook to blend into what you are watching on internet TV and updating your profile with the show your watching.  A Twitter test application brings up a user’s Twitter profile and displays any of short messages by anyone who mentions a show the user is watching.
 Typically, cable companies considered the cable TV box sacred. Customers could change channels, but as for how the box worked, that was only up to the cable company.

“It’s fascinating that they’re trying this,” said Phil Leigh, president of the search for company Inside Digital Media. “subsequently Apple opened up their iPhone, a lot of people started trying this.”

“It will be interesting to see how much valuation account they give developers do to things like use TV shows within their programs. … Ultimately, customers will want their TV to do just about anything on the Internet.”

More expected Verizon cable TV changes coming soon:-
Easier Internet video on the TV screen. The new Verizon system lets viewers search for videos that reside on their home PCs or on YouTube, DailyMotion, Break, Blip and Veoh displaying them on the TV.
Better links between Verizon Wireless phones and cable TV boxes, including a way to program your DVR from your Verizon phone.
Easier searches for video on take TV content.