In today’s job market, more people are in search for a job which means employers are being much more selective. It is no longer “enough” to make eye contact and have a firm handshake. You have one chance to make a dynamic impression and stand out about the rest. Knowing how to answer the following questions should get you where you need to be.

1. What should I know about you? When an employer asks this, they are really digging for information about why you will make a good fit for their company. Talking about your education, related interests or ability to be a team player goes over well here.

2. What do you think is your worst characteristic? It is recommended to pick some form of virtue here and make it sound very flawed. Good examples are being a perfectionist, being considered too anal about cleanliness or that you tend to work too hard.

3. Why do you think we should hire you? It is important here to sound very confident, not cocky and not desperate. Describe related experience that would make you the best pick for the job and touch on you quick ability to learn and your outstanding work ethics.

4. Tell me why you left your last job? Even if you hated every minute of your last job, you do not want to speak negatively about the company, your boss or co-workers. You left looking for a positive change with a position that is better suited to utilize your skills.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years? You need to show stability here and that you are looking for long-term employment. They do not want to know this is a stepping stone until you get a better job or you’re waiting for your trust fund to kick in so you don’t have to work anymore.

6. Have you ever had a hard time getting along with people you work with? The key is to not sound perfect here. Employers know that everyone at some point will not like a co-worker. Let them know that as you may not like everyone on a personal level, you do try to just get a long with everyone and respect them on a professional level.

7. How much are you looking to make? You never want to give an exact figure here because if it is too low then you just screwed yourself out of potential income and if it is too high than you may not be chosen for the job since they can’t fill your expectations. It is best to give a range to let then know where you want to be but that you are flexible.

8. How have you solved a problem that as came up in your life? Try to offer an example of being resourceful that helped you to obtain a goal that your really wanted to achieve.

9. How do you deal with stress when you’re at work? Let the interviewer know that you focus, make lists, go for a walk on your lunch hour or anything that tells them that you face it head on and do not run away at the first sign of pressure.

10. What would you like to know? It is important to always have at least a couple questions handy to let them know you are interested in the company. Doing a little research on the company will help come up with a few quality interesting questions.

Answering the Job Interview Questions correctly or knowing what to ask can be a challenge and that is why we setup the website. Visit it for more information. We also offer a range of business courses as well.