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Underneath the latest Camaro 1969 looking body is a shortened version of General Motors Zeta blueprint, used on large rear-drive sedans like the G8 from Pontiac. This architecture furnishes the Camaro witha more rigid body and an all independent suspension. Only a two door coupe body style is available, with the convertible version expected later on.
The long awaited 2010 Chevy Camaro is a one for the record books. Auto critics acknowledge that it not only looks the part of an old school muscle car, but also has the performance to match its great appearance. In addition to its highly praised early model exterior blueprint, the 2010 Camaro comes equipped with a powerful 304 horsepower V6 engine and very aggressive streamline achievements. The inside is brought down by sub standard cloth seats and limited visibility.
The V8 with a manual transmission makes an unbelievable 426 hp. The automatic transmission produces about 26 less horsepower than the manual transmission.
In road tests of manual transmission, the V8 goes from 0-60 mph. in an incredible five seconds, with the V6 getting there a full second slower.
The 2010 Chevy Camaro is the easy choice among muscle cars for those who get great pleasure from driving, thanks to its unmatched combination of big power, and a new handling package. It even has more finesse to give upbeat models like the BMW 135i and Infiniti G37 some fight. We just wish the experience were less like driving a really agile tank. The base V6 Camaro feels quick and sounds like it has power, a good steal at somewhere just above a meer $ 21,800.