So you are a for sale by owner  seller, and you have everything ready to sell your home. You have the fliers out, the ads located in the paper and the plans are in order for an open house. Now you need to put your signs out. What are the best ways to do this? Is there a particular place they need to be? Here are some of those answers.

 Place yourself in a position of the buyer and see how the sign looks to you.   As you put them out, pretend you are the buyer and see if you can locate them easily. A sign will not do you any good if it cannot be seen. It will just end up being a yard ornament for you. It will be there for a while, because so will your house, if you cannot see the sign, it will not sell.

 The sign needs to be large enough to read easily from the street.  . You could place the sign and then drive by it to see if you can tell what it is. If you are not able to see it, neither will anyone else. It is a good idea also to place the signs so that they are viewable from both directions. If your home is not viewable from the road, you can place signs that have arrows that point people in the right direction.

If your home sits high up and the top part is the only thing detectable from the road, place a for sale by owner sign in the windows. You can still put one in the yard, but the sign in the window will be readable to those that are not driving on your street or pulling into your driveway.

No matter which position you place your sign, make sure the writing is big enough for people to read. You need to also keep the writing neat. A sign will be ineffective, and it will not be a beneficial form of advertisement. Just take a little bit of time to make sure all of these things are done, buyers will be there soon!