To sell your company is one of the most gut-wrenching decisions you’ll ever face as an entrepreneur. Even without any sentimentality on your part – all of the round-the-clock research, all the round-the-clock legwork, all that heavy lifting, now come to this, washing your hands of it all – the prospect of timing it all just right could be nerve-wracking. You will feel like some television game show guest, at a pivotal moment during you can opt to cash out or stay on for more.

Except it’s even worse than that! For there are a hundred and one factors involved when you want to sell your company, so many different variables at play – just like when you first started up the business, come to think of it!

And if you have any venture capital on board, good luck; your investors will generally be the first to cash out and get their cut (unless they’re, rather more simply, buying out your share).

For instance, let’s say you own a full one hundred percent of your business and wish to sell your company but you haven’t yet looked into what it could be worth since you’ve been too busy basically growing the business (unless you’re one of these serial entrepreneurs who love to start up companies but hate to run them once things settle down).

You’ve now arrived at one of these so-called inflection points, a time when getting the company to the next stage of success involves considerable risk and a lot of time and money. If you were unlucky enough to have desperately needed investors, you will need to first double revenues and pray for stable market conditions so that you are able to make as much money on a sale as you could have without those investors – who, remember, will want their cut first.