Marketing strategies are the plans that have been chartered out by the businesses so as to make use of the resources available to them to increase the sales. A lot of efforts go into making these plans so that the targeted consumer gets attracted to use the product.
The foremost lesson in the marketing strategies is not to look at your competitors as an enemy and you need not fight a guerilla war with them. Instead you should hold discussions with them and see what positives you can get out of it. Most of the successful competitors even send the business to each other or they even help in manufacturing the products of each other. 

Your actual customer is not the one who is always looking to buy the expensive products but is the one who wants to get the quality product even though he may have to dole out some extra money. Price is an important factor for a customer but it is not the only factor. Quality is also as important as cost. So never lower the price of your product at the cost of its quality. Always be on the look out for the new opportunities. You can even hire the research or survey agencies and get to know what the customer is looking for.Always project your product as a different one with the difference in quality and benefits. 

In marketing strategies tag line for your product is another important component. A nice tag line will tell the customer what is the thought behind the product and what benefits it will give in the timeline. The tagline of the Nike “Just do it”, Dell “Yours is here” are just few examples of the many where a tagline played an important role in the popularity of the product. 

According to the available budget you should go all out with advertising your product to the potential customer. On the local level you can distribute the flyers as well as distribute the clothes which will have your tagline along with the product name. You can also put up your kiosks in the shopping areas so that the people will notice your products and you might get the potential customers. You can use seo services or put the advertisements on the websites or develop your own website. Then spread the word about it by sending out the mass emails containing the newsletter about your product. As a part of marketing strategies you can also hold musical concert and send out the open invitation to the people to come. Make use of this platform to promote your product to the fullest.

Above all, never take the unethical route to promote or sell your product as by using these ways you might be able to sell your product for a month or so but in the long run it is bound to be a disaster. Remember that bad word spreads faster than the good words. So avoid selling the bad quality product. You might face some obstacles in selling your business but never give up in the face of adversity and follow the ethical marketing strategies.