What a nice feeling that you play your favorite sport of billiard in your own set of billiard supplies. It would be much fun if you share the excitement with your friends who share the same passion with you or encourage your family members to have fun playing it too. When you have your own set of pool table, you will have a chance to play it anytime you want. However, if you choose to play at night, you need pool table lights to illuminate the play area.

Have you tried playing billiard with the only light source is from your dining room two meters away from your pool hall? How do you find playing like that? Well, I’m sure you find it hard to play in the shadow. So lighting your pool table is very important. This is the main thing that affects the efficiency of playing the game making the play area exciting and lively.

Pool table lighting is hanged above the center of the pool table. When you put a light in your pool table, it should be in the right level to avoid shadow on the balls and on the play area. Pool table lights are in rectangular shape with special fittings. These lights are enclosed in a casing for the reason that the light should only focus on the play area. Remember that the lighting should be proportional to the length of the table and according to the World Pool Association; the light should not be lower than 40” from the table.

You can have your choice of different billiard supplies such as pool table lights that would bring more color to your pool hall. Different choices are available that if you hang it above your pool table, you will be amazed with the design and much more the light it gives. This will make you excited and efficient to play the sport you are passionate about.