A lead capture page or squeeze page, as also known as is a web page that you design to solely collect people’s names and email addresses, that’s it, period . You must not use these lead capture pages to try and sell, as it just won’t work.

If you want to have an internet marketing business and be very successful, this is the most crucial first step to take, as you will hear time after time in this industry “The money is in the list” it really is, but in order to get that list (which is people subscribing to you, by giving you their name and email address) you need to give something of value and if you just try to sell to these people straight out of the gate, it does not work, you scare them off .

It has been shown that people never buy the first time round on the internet, it’s commonly after the 7th attempt, so by building these lists you can communicate with them time after time, but make sure you are not constantly trying to sell to them.

Start by giving lots of value, e.g. if your site is about golf then give them lots of free advice, maybe give away a free report on say, “How to better your swing” etc and then slowly, try to sell to them and because you have given them lots of free advice and given away stuff, they look at you as an authority in that niche and trust you and will jubilantly buy from you, time after time.

First you have to put up a good lead capture page (you will hear these called Squeeze pages too), start with a good headline, then put some info, this can be bullet points and make sure these are listing benefits and then give away a free report or whatever of value.

You could change the above step and instead of putting text on this page, you could do a video and you talking about the benefits.

Whichever method you choose you have to conclude with at the bottom of the page an optin box (you can get these forms from people like, Aweber, get response, basically these are auto responders, there are many good ones out there) in the optin box you want a heading, e.g. “Free Report On How To Improve Your Golf Swing” then a line that says Name and underneath another line for their email address, then you will see a coloured box, which says “Submit” change the words here to say something like, “Free Instant Access To Golf Swing Report” then underneath that make sure you put something to say you will not spam them or give away their details to a third party, for example, “We respect your privacy and will never give your email details away”

That is it, nothing else, you have just completed your first Lead capture page. Remember you are not trying to sell to them here, just giving away value so they should want to join your list

Then it is your lead capture page that you should concentrate on marketing, not your personal/business website, because the most important thing to grow your business at this stage is to get people onto your list, without a list in the Internet marketing business you do not have a business, all the most successful internet marketers out there will confirm this fact.