When it comes to  keyword research in internet marketing, Wordtracker is definitely the tool of preference. It has the reputation of becoming the most comprehensive and best structured standard keyword research tool on the market. I know I used it to discover search terms for one of my most productive sites ever.

But at this moment there is a new keyword tool that claims to transform the way we search for keywords. It’s called IM Eye. On this page I will evaluate the attributes, functionality and worth of IM Eye with Wordtracker.

The quantity of information:

In it’s latest version IM Eye carries a database of more than 2 million keywords. Wordtracker claims to have much even more. Each softwares regularly search the web for new search terms and upgrade their software regularly. The big difference here is that IM Eye has chosen to eliminate all search terms that have  monthly searches. It might not sound like a big deal but it will save you quite a few time in  keyword research due to the fact the only terms delivered are ones with genuine search traffic.

The types of data included:

Both IM Eye and Wordtracker contain a list of keywords associated with a particular search term and how many monthly searches for every single keyword. Outside of that IM Eye definitely shines. It also includes the amount of competing pages for each search term. This function lets you filter out terms with a lot of competition. IM Eye includes information on how much a certain term costs per click in Ppc. By using this information you can identify potential PPC niches. IM Eye includes the amount of domains that have a particular keyword in the title which again gives you a sense of the competition. It also informs you if the product associated with the keyword is being offered on Amazon . com or by way of Youtube. Additionally it will show you what domains (.net,.com, etc.) are still available for a certain term.

Acquiring all that data is incredible enough, but the software basically makes it super simple to sort and rank. IM Eye has a straightforward user interface where you can search for any kind of information you want. For example, let’s say you would like to know all keywords that cost much less than 20 cents per click. With IM Eye all you want to do is limit your search based on that criteria and in a instant you have a huge list of keywords you should use for your recent or brand new business.

The suitable utilization of per program:

In terms of the value of all these tools for pure internet marketing I’d say that IM Eye wins hands down. The quantity of data it includes is impressive and the way it is arranged can help you discover keyword terms that you can develop businesses around. In terms of writing articles or contributing related new content to an current website Wordtracker possibly has the advantage. That’s because it contains more search terms than IM Eye.

On the whole value score:If I had to select among these software tools, I would go for IM Eye. With regards to  keyword research, it’s basically a total game changer. As the inventors like to point out, with IM Eye high value keywords pretty much find you. That makes creating productive sites much easier.